George Joseph


Dear Sacred Heartians,

Les Brown, a renowned motivational speaker once said, “Shoot for the moon, even if a person misses, he will land among the stars”. In reality, we too have many dreams, but we may not achieve all our goals because of certain constraints and limitations. So, it is important to dream big so that even if we don’t achieve our goal, we will fall somewhere near our goal. When one dreams big, he does not put any restriction on himself. There are no limits to one’s dreams.

Dreams are what differentiate great people from ordinary people. Successful people dream big, even if the goal may seem extremely difficult to achieve. Mahatma Gandhi dreamt big about an independent India. At that time, people did not believe in his dream because it seemed unachievable and insurmountable. But with his indomitable will and determination, he achieved what he dreamt. To be successful, one needs to take risks. Only when the stakes are high do people work tirelessly and relentlessly to make their dreams come true and real.

School is a garden where the students are like the buds waiting to unfurl and bloom into blossoms of various hues and fragrance. They have their lofty dreams and ambitions to be chased and achieved. The school provides the right rostrum to dream big and trains the young minds to fly on wings of their dreams.