The process of admission to the Kindergarten usually starts in September. Admission will be confirmed only after the meeting of the parent and the ward with the Principal. On confirmation of admission, parents will be required to submit copies of Birth Certificate and Vaccination Certificate of the student.

Age of Admission
Within the range of 3 ½ to 4 ½ years as on 1st June of the year of admission to LKG.
School Hours to 3.45pm

Classes I to X

All students seeking admission have to appear for an aptitude test in English, Maths and Science. Application forms will be issued from the school office in the first week of January. The aptitude test will be conducted in the school every year in the first week of April. As a matter of policy we do not admit students in classes X and XII. Admission will be confirmed only after assessing the performance of the child in the aptitude test and a personal interview with the Principal. On confirmation of admission, parents will be required to submit the TC and conduct certificate of the student from the school he/she last attended and a copy of his/her Birth Certificate.

School Hours
9.15 a.m to 3.45 p.m [Classes I to IX & XI]
8.30 a.m to 3.45 p.m [Classes X & XII]

Classes XI and XII

For admission in class XI parents are required to visit the school with the candidate for a personal interview and an entrance test based on their stream of option.
The academic reports of classes IX and X, a copy of CCE certificate, a copy of Birth certificate, TC and conduct certificate from the last school are mandatory for admission. Kindly note that the admission for class XI and the choice of subjects/stream will be considered purely on the basis of the performance in the entrance test and school based evaluation certificate.

Groups offered at the Senior Secondary level

Science Stream
Group I
English (core), Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology
Group II
English (core), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science
Group III
English (core), Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science