All students should wear prescribed uniform whenever they come to school.Shoes must be clean and neatly polished. Girls should wear black buckled shoes and school socks.
Students are not permitted to

  • Colour their hair. b) Grow / varnish their nails. c) Shave their head except on religious or medical grounds. In the event of the same the Parents/Guardians must send a note to the class teacher.
  • Boys must have their hair cut properly from time to time. Girls must plait into two using white/black bushes and hair band according to the uniform.
  • Gold ornaments are not permitted except perhaps a small ear stud.
  • If any student comes in improper uniform, it will be dealt with a warning and later disciplinary action.
  • No student is allowed to alter the prescribed uniform. No tight fit/ narrow fit/ low waist pants will be permitted at any cost