School lays a lot of emphasis on discipline. Any form of indiscipline will be seriously viewed. The students have to bring the handbook/ calendar every day and the daily lessons’ reports and homework are to be taken down in the diary.Every student must be in the school premises 10 minutes before the first bell rings. They are not allowed to leave the school premises during the school hours. They should have their lunch in the school itself. In case of emergency the parent should come to the school and take the child with the permission of the Principal.There is a late comers’ record in the diary. Late coming will be noted in the diary by the Class Teacher. If one student comes late more than three times the Parent will be informed and he/she should meet the Principal with the Parent.If a student is absent for three consecutive days, the class teacher should be informed of the same over phone and also by a written letter from the parent.Students should be very careful of not doing any damage to the class or school property. If they do so, the parent or guardian will have to make good the loss.
English is the only medium of communication in the school premises and this is strictly followed.


Students wear neat and clean uniform every day and maintain good hygiene.All students wear uniform during working days / special classes.Colour dress is permitted to be worn by the school only during special occasions announced by the school. Students are allowed to wear colour dress on their birthdays.

Gifts / Treats

Birthdays of students and staff are celebrated by doing a good deed or contributing to charity. The students are not permitted to give ‘treats’ to anyone in the school premises.


If the child gets an injury or meets any accident in the school, first aid will be given at the school. If it is serious, the parent will be informed. In emergency, the child is immediately hospitalized.
However, in the event of any mishap, the school does not take any legal responsibility.Physical Education is compulsory. No student is exempted unless he/she produces a Doctor’s Certificate.Students suffering from contagious diseases should inform the respective class teacher and they are not allowed to attend the class.

Exam Certificates

The Board Exam certificates, Transfer Certificate etc of a student should be collected from the school office personally by the student or parent or his/her guardian.

Non Payment of Fees / Dues

The school reserves the right to remove the name of a student from the roll for nonpayment of fees and other dues. The school has the right to stop the students from appearing for any examinations if they do not pay fees and other dues. TC will be issued only after the settlement of dues if any.

Visiting Hours

  1. Parents can meet the Principal, with prior appointment between 2.00p.m and 3.00 p.m.
  2. Parents can meet the teachers during lunch interval or after 3.20p.m with a prior appointment. However in emergencies they can meet the teachers with the Principal’s permission.
  3. Parents will be called after each term to meet the respective teachers and discuss the progress of their wards.

Money, Mobile Phones, CDs and Other Valuable Items

Mobile phones, Magazines, Comics, Fancy articles, Sharp edged instruments, Toys, CDs, Pen drives, etc. from outside are banned in the school. Such items will be confiscated from the student and stern disciplinary action will be taken against him/her. Even the student can be expelled from the school. The items confiscated will be returned to the parents or the students as per the discretion of the authorities of the school. But students are allowed to bring educational and relevant CDs with the prior permission of the teacher concerned.

Smoking / Use of Drugs

Smoking or use of drugs is strictly banned in the school premises for the students, staff, parents, guardians and visitors.


Students may be withdrawn from the school on receipt of written intimation as per regulations for withdrawals. The written request from the parents for the withdrawal of a child should be given to the principal at least one week in advance. If the withdrawal is in between the terms or during the academic year, full fees for the academic year will have to be paid before the TC is issued. TC will be issued only after the settlement of all dues.

Traffic Rules

  • All the students in the school should strictly follow the Traffic Rules.
  • Before crossing the road one should look left and right and make sure that no vehicles are coming.
  • Make use of the zebra crossing, if there is one.
  • Walk only through the footpath or through the right side of the road.
    NB: – The school reserves the right to add/delete/amend the rules and regulations from time to time.